Freshwater Railway

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Where do we go from here?

Freshwater Railway is more than fantasy. We have practical, proven transit solutions for Metro Detroit.

Our Solutions

We've researched and ridden transit systems far and wide. We are constantly asking ourselves, "how might this apply in Detroit?" Among our concepts:

Regional Transit Organization

A professional collaborative to lay the framework for transit – in the plans, on the street, at the ballot box.

The Honolulu Model

The budget-conscious, pro-growth alternative for local transit in Detroit city limits.

More to Come

Our toolkit contains many more ideas. We'll make them available here as transit issues evolve.

About Us

We're not an advocacy group – we are an action-focused solutions group. To plan, to sell, to execute. Learn what we're all about and join our effort:

What We Believe

Watching successful transit implementations has informed our solutions. Learn what motivates us.

What You Can Do

Websites and conversations will only take this effort so far. Help us move good ideas from concept into reality.

Where We're Going

We have a framework to move these concepts forward. Let's move to the next step.