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What We Believe

A few essential truths can help us conquer a big challenge.

Are We Serious about Improving Transit?

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Transit is a huge and complex undertaking – and we have a long, long way to go. Over the last few decades, attempts to coordinate transit have come and gone.

We've watched those efforts closely. We've learned from what they did and didn't do. More importantly, we have compiled air-tight precedents from other cities. When developing our transit concepts, we keep these principles close at hand.

Transit is a System

Successful transit networks are built on connections – the ability to reach any destination. Rail lines cannot do that in isolation. It takes a fully functioning web of trains, buses and other modes to make transit a viable option.

Transit is a Product

To make transit flourish, we have to sell it – not only as a worthy use of public dollars, but also as an attractive option for commuters. That means including route design, marketing and quality control as integral parts of one campaign.

Transit is Complex

It looks simple enough – build the infrastructure and run the vehicles on-time. In fact, making that all tick involves a massive amount of behind-the-scenes work. At Freshwater Railway, we're not afraid of those details. Understanding them is the key to developing a first-rate system.

Improvement is Gradual

Little improvements add up to big shifts. We'd be wise to make small but meaningful investments in our current bus system. Such a strategy enables an environment where larger investments – such as rail – make sense.

Support is Earned

Transit is swirling in misconceptions. The only way to debunk these myths is to prove the value of transit. When taxpayers and commuters witness the benefits of transit first-hand, they will rally for the cause.

Planning Public Transit Needs to Involve the Public

Effective transit is a resource for everybody. Until we involve a wider cross-section of stakeholders, our best guesses about transit needs are just that – guesses. A victorious transit effort asks the public what it takes: to earn their support at the ballot box and to get them on board the bus. Or train.