Freshwater Railway

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Where We're Going

We will do whatever it takes to get this effort off the ground.

Let's Get It Started

This is a complex effort. You could say it's a long shot and we shouldn't waste our time. We say, a successful push for transit will come from the bottom up – not from the top down.

We'll be investigating ways to launch. It will require money and time and collaboration. If you can contribute any of those things, you automatically have a leadership stake in this effort.

As we move forward, the effort is bound to take some twists and turns. That's fine. Loosely, we aim for things to progress as follows:

  1. Our idea makes an impact and we sense a serious demand to move forward
  2. We enlist pro bono legal services to establish a non-profit professional corporation
  3. We line up a board of directors – consisting exclusively of individuals who understand the value and the complexity of transit
  4. We apply for grants to fund specific transit endeavors
  5. We hire a dream team of researchers, planners, strategists and communicators
  6. We tap the know-how of national experts on transit matters: planning, operations, campaigning
  7. We implement a variety of innovative projects that produce real results
  8. We keep the public thoroughly involved with all activities, decisions and ideas
  9. We build a portfolio of short-term transit victories – each one an intermediate step in a coordinated long-term vision
  10. We advise public entities – possibly an RTA – on practical methods to phase in expanded transit options
  11. We earn funding for transit by charting integrated, professional and credible concepts

This plan is assertive. It is not impossible. Help us to put it in motion.