Freshwater Railway

Freshwater Railway
is a different approach to transit.

And it's a very simple approach, at that. Metro Detroit won't suddenly sprout a good transit system because powerful people say so. The most admired, most effective transit systems take shape from the ground up – not from the top down.

We acknowledge that transit has a low profile in our metropolitan area. With that as the starting point, movement toward a better system will be gradual. But it shouldn't be piecemeal. Overcoming the challenge will require vision, integration and a lot of small victories.

Get to know our inclusive, incremental strategy for improving transit in Metro Detroit:

Relate it.

Frame transit in a relevant, local context that every Metro Detroiter can understand.

clear it

Prove it.

Build the case for transit through precedents, personal stories and hard data.

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Plan it.

Lay out detailed, comprehensive actions to phase in improved transit services.

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Implement it.

Roll out the plan one piece at a time – with each piece a coordinated step toward the full vision.

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